Help your team execute at their highest level through High Performance Teaming. Elevate your leadership by identifying critical strength-gaps and helping individuals perform and collaborate in their most motivated roles.
Map Your Impact: High-Performance Teaming Workshop


Your ability to achieve key business outcomes will be limited by the skill and cooperative capacity of your team. Lead and evolve them by tackling critical strength-gaps and helping individuals perform and collaborate at their highest levels, in their most motivated roles.

This turn-key team investment workshop is designed to enhance communication and self-awareness, clarify the team’s shared priorities, goals, and values, and offer you a clear road map for team growth and optimization.


  • Team composition, strengths, motivated roles + areas of need

  • Evolution + Implementation analysis for leadership

  • New tools for effective communication and engagement

  • "Make it Stick” follow-on recommendations + exercises


Designed for: Team leadership, department or functional managers, team members, and extended team members

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