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Take a Seat at the Strategy Table

January 9, 2019



We often get asked the question "what is event strategy?" Impact Point defines event strategy as the practice of aligning, designing and measuring events to deliver clear business outcomes.


There is a blend of art and science in event strategy. It starts with science, specifically two key elements: 1) a well documented strategic plan and 2) a corresponding measurement program that evaluates the performance of events against the business outcomes outlined in the strategic plan. We like to call these the event strategy bookends.


Where science meets art in event strategy is in the design of the event experience. Blending strategy with compelling experiential design is what enables events to become a differentiator in an organization's marketing mix. When a brand starts with a smart strategy and takes a customer or audience-centric approach to the event experience design, the results are magical and cannot be replicated by digital or advertising campaigns. This why we see marketers continuing to invest in face-to-face events despite the increased focus and value placed on digital marketing. Due to this, Impact Point believes there is a massive opportunity for the event industry at large to take a seat at the table during the business strategy discussions.

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September 12, 2018

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