Events can serve as the cornerstone of your company’s customer, employee, and brand experience.

Achieving this level of impact requires a continual cycle of alignment to company priorities, innovation of the event experience, and measurement of key business outcomes. Plus a team that is performing at their highest levels. 


This is our impact.

Whether you need to align your events to your business priorities, develop innovative programming to engage your audiences, measure event results, evolve your events and your team, or create something completely out-of-the-box, Impact Point has an event strategy solution to suit your unique needs.


Consulting that fits your needs.


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We offer a broad range of consulting services including project based and one-on-one advisor engagements. 
Our expert team will take your vision to the next level by designing and launching strategies that solve your challenges and drive results. 


Whether working independently or collaboratively with your in-house team, IPG is your partner in the planning and execution of high-touch, propriety events of 500 or fewer attendees, where measured engagement and interaction is critical to your event’s success.
Our expert team will also map out and execute your tradeshow and conference strategy, whether you’re looking to stand out in a make-or-break opportunity or build a comprehensive portfolio of local, regional or international touchpoints.

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 Event Management 

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The IPG team knows events inside and out, especially what’s needed to develop and execute effective and engaging marketing strategies that drive audience awareness and attendance.
We inspire teams to think boldly and help them reach their customers in the right place, at the right time and with the right message.


An objective, third party can often be extremely helpful during executive retreats, strategic planning meetings, or gatherings that require consensus.  
A skilled facilitator can help guide the group through a clear process that is created, accepted and understood by all participants, while keeping everyone engaged and motivated.  
We can also help you find the perfect speaker for your event.

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 Facilitation & Speaking 

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Your ability to achieve key business outcomes will be limited by the skill & cooperative capacity of your team. Lead and evolve them by tackling critical strength-gaps and helping individuals perform and collaborate at their highest levels, in their most motivated roles.

Together, we’ll launch a team investment and coaching program that will enhance communication and self-awareness, clarify the team’s shared priorities, goals & values, and optimize team composition


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