Workshop: Intro to Digital or Integrated Event Strategy and Design

This highly interactive digital workshop engagement, infused with elements of play, helps teams successfully develop a strategy and design for a specific aspect of a digital or integrated event. The session addresses the foundational elements of event marketing and experiential design: identifying and building consensus for event objectives, target audiences, outcomes aligned to company's or organizational priorities, and audience-centric digital or integrated event experience design, including engagement techniques.


  • Establish event purpose and outcomes
  • Define and prioritize on your target audience(s)
  • Design for an audience-centric event experience
  • Brainstorm and develop digital engagement techniques for
    target audience(s)
  • Explore and apply ideation and prototyping processes
  • Build next steps action plan coming out of session


  • Up to 20 participants
  • Multi-day facilitation available
  • Interactive, online tools to increase engagement



See how this workshop impacts organizations of all sizes.


We’ve worked with both Atlassian and DocuSign to outline a plan that fills the 12–18-month gap that the loss of in-person events has left in their marketing strategy. This goes beyond “virtual events,” building a renewed strategy and engagement portfolio aligning content, experience and measured action and impact. This isn’t a reactive, solution, but a comprehensive plan that’s ready for resumption of live events.


The Comcast Business Mountain West Region (MWR) events team had to pivot their in-person event strategy due to COVID-19 to embrace the ever-changing digital events landscape.

Impact Point designed and facilitated a virtual workshop with the Comcast Business team to create a framework to help move the future event strategy forward for their event portfolio. The team explored challenges and opportunities for a sales team enablement strategy and identified and prioritized key results to help drive their event strategy forward.




Hannah Toole

Facilitator & Event Strategist


Kacey Comstock

Facilitation Support & Event Strategist


Mark Pergola

Facilitation Support & Client Services Analyst


Erica Spoor

Facilitator & Event Strategist, Founder

Nicole Headshot

Nicole Lewis

Facilitator & Event Strategist



Full Output Deck and Readout (1 hour)
+ Full aggregation of all data into presentation
+ Photos
+ Key Takeaways and Recommendations for next steps
+ 1 hour readout with Event Strategist

Fidget Kits
+ Items sent to each participant prior to start of meeting
+ Fidget items to increase engagement and creativity
+ Post-It Notes and pens
+ 1 kit per person in the United States

Inspiration (1.5 hours)
+ Experiential Activity- Cognitive dissonance: Embracing failure to lead to new inspirations
+ Think, Pair, Share Reflect: What inspires you in this new normal?
+ Lay the Foundation: Limiting and vs. Empowering Beliefs
+ Small Group Activity: Shifting limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs
+ Watch and Identify daily affirmation

Inspiration vs. Motivation (45-60 minutes)
+ Watch: Kid President- We all need a pep talk
+ Apply: Write a pep talk to someone on your team
+ Inspiration vs. Motivation
+ Inspiration to Action
+ Reflection and Debrief + share pep talk
+ Watch: Motivation Pep Talk

Virtual Happy Hour (30 minutes)
+ Play based activities to help generate connection and fun
+ Small group activities and connection opportunities
+ Small group non-facilitated conversations