Events are powerful relationship-building opportunities that can support, inspire, and strengthen key goals and business initiatives. Achieving this level of impact requires a continual cycle of alignment to the company and its stakeholders, skilled consensus-building, and a clear, tactical vision forward for teams responsible for making that vision a reality.​

Event Strategy Framework Workshop


Align your event to key business goals, orient a new team to an existing framework, or refresh last year’s dated plan with new data and understanding. 


Together, we’ll create a focused, attainable plan of action and track complex, multi-function activity with progress reports and metrics—before, during, and following your event—that monitor and illustrate event health, traction toward key outcomes, and positive impact.


  • Mission, vision, brand promise + team values

  • Target audience clarity

  • A simple + realistic plan of action

  • KPI inventory + identification

  • Progress reports + heat maps

  • Post-event + YOY analysis


Designed for: Event and marketing leadership, department or functional managers, event team members, extended team members, and key stakeholders

Cascading Strategies Workshop


The positive impact of your event—no matter the size—is wholly dependent on inter-department collaboration and alignment between critical company functions and teams. Don’t leave that teamwork to chance.

Bring key departments, functions, and teams together to clarify priorities, objectives, measures, and targets. We’ll facilitate the conversation in order to build crucial inter-department consensus and cascade your Event Strategy Framework™ (ESF) into functional goals, plans, and individual tasks.


  • Priority + objective alignment

  • KPI inventory + identification

  • Functional action plans to engage teams + individuals

Designed for: Department or functional managers, contributing and supporting team members

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