Event Measurement

We build measurement programs that offer a clear picture of both lead and lag measures, including traction toward critical pre-event milestones, the health of your event, and its impact.

Once you have clear alignment and established consensus on what your event can and should achieve, how can you prove that it was successful? Capture high-quality data and next-level metrics that go well beyond audience size. Your team will finally be able to capture detailed audience segmentation reports and actionable feedback, while illustrating the specific, positive influence your event and audience has on business.

Research & Audit

Have a target market that you want more research on to help create an event strategy built specifically to drive them to your event? Looking for a neutral party to audit your events and provide a high-level summary of what others are doing in the industry? Allow our team to identify those target audience careabouts and use our knowledge and experience to share latest trends and successes.

Survey Program Design & Management

Gathering audience feedback is crucial to the success of your event planning as it provides honest insights into the attendee experience. 

Partner with Impact Point Group to design, distribute, analyze, and report on event surveys that create meaningful data that you can take action on right away.

Measurement Strategy

You know your event must make an impact on the company's goals and bottom line, but you may not know what to measure or how to communicate your success to key stakeholders.

We’ll prepare your team to identify meaningful measures—of both event, project, and program impact, as well as overall department or function contribution—and collect quality data that’s relevant, actionable, and illustrative of your effort. And with full alignment between your measurement program and initial event strategy—you’ll see your success toward those milestones clearly.

Our team will work with you to create an event measurement strategy that allows you to collect the right data, analyze results, and effectively share your findings with executive team members.

Capture the right event data & make an impact.