You built your strategic plan and now you need to collaborate with key stakeholders. We will work with you and your stakeholders, both internal and external, to create an engagement plan right for everyone so you can keep moving your event forward while achieving collective stakeholder goals.

Stakeholder Buy-In & Alignment Workshop:


Solidify support and consensus around your Event Strategy Framework™ (ESF), illustrating your team’s investment and the overall positive impact on business goals & initiatives.

We’ll collaborate with key stakeholders early in the planning cycle to align objectives, prioritize and define their engagement, and identify areas for innovation, contribution and needed support.


  • Audience needs + intended outcomes

  • Event Strategic Plan (ESF) review + affirmation

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan

  • New opportunities for integration, collaboration + cross-function innovation


Designed for: Company leadership, marketing leadership, event leadership, departmental or functional managers, supporting internal strategy influencers

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