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We blend the art of innovation and creativity with the science of strategic planning and measurement, helping our clients design events with impact.

Impact Point Group is a boutique consultancy that blends the art of imaginative experience design with the science of strategic planning and measurement. 

We offer a full suite of strategic advisory and event management services to corporate event and marketing teams, helping them build teams, engagement strategies, and digital and in-person events that deliver audience and business impact.

"We want to align and collaborate around a top-level event strategy, optimized for efficiency and impact."
"We're ready for fresh ideas—event experiences that exceed expectation and attract industry leaders and decision-makers."
"We're seeing energy and impact—but it's time for us to measure and illustrate that value with clear, persuasive data."
"We're looking for deeper, actionable conversations—both with our audiences and with our stakeholders."
"We're ready to build an advanced teamself aware, collaborating at our best, and standing out against the competition."
"We have some unique can you help?"

Event strategy services trusted by industry leaders

“It left me feeling like I had engaged my creative muscles in a fun workout and they were ready for more. I came away feeling excited, optimistic, and bonded with my group(s).”
- Cisco Live Bootcamp Attendee

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